Sunday, October 4, 2009

After the storm...

I remember years back when I would challenge my best male bud to race along what used to be a crater like road, in Bacao, Cavite.  With our company borrowed stainless jeepneys (or better known as Owner-type jeepneys), we would race the long stretch and I would always win. I remember years back when I would dare agree to try out the most "stomach churning" amusement rides in Tokyo Disneyland and our very own Enchanted Kingdom, or those times when my father would ask my help in fixing the antenna on the roof, and I would bravely climb up... or even those occasions when my sister and I would climb up the Aratilis tree on our backyard and pretend that we were Wonder Woman or Darna. That was so many years ago when I was still single. These days you won't even find me near an aratilis tree, encouraging my children to climb up and see the first one who gets to break their bones. I think my mother was braver than I credit her for. Me? I palpitate and panic a bit when I hear my children cry. Eversince I've become a mother, my fears were more centered on my children. Hence, when typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana), decided to wreak havoc and leave hundreds of people dead and millions homeless...i felt more scared. Oh! I am very thankful that our place was spared from the floods and feel so sad for my countrymen and friends who were not so lucky. But as a mother, I cannot help but wonder about the "what ifs???" how would I have handled such a situation?, how would I proceed in saving my family?... Ughhh! it just scares the s**t out of me! But then what can we do? As mothers...as parents...we can only do as much then put all our trust in the Lord. Because no one really knows the plans He has for us, only He holds the blue print of our lives.  Only the Lord.... 

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Ria said...

hey sis, it's alright to feel that way. i am a mom too and i always ponder on the "what ifs" and oftentimes, the Lord just shows me the right way.

anyway, i hope all is well at your end. nga pala, if you're up for a tag, meron ako dito for you:


so, DLSU alumna ka pala? i am a graduate of class 91, international studies. sayang! i should have met you then...hahaha. anong college ka?