Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post Mother's Day greeting

Nope I am not guilty as I have greeted all the mother's in the whole world through my facebook account, in most languages, so don't point your fingers as if I have missed blogging about this hahaha...although yeah...i did missed blogging about Mother's day. For what it is worth for all my blogger mother friends out there Belated Happy Mother's day!

Mothers are quaint, I should say, in the most adoring, dominating, resourceful, mind-boggling, loving, selfless, "drama queen" way. I could go on and on adding more adjectives ... but it's a long list... a never-ending list. Before we became mothers, we were women who had our own lives, who could go anywhere we wish, do anything we want pursuing our own dreams and ambitions. As women we know what we wanted, when we wanted and how to get what we want. But as mothers, we have always placed our children's best interest before our own. Because when we became mothers we have just fallen in love with that tiny being we carried inside our womb for 9 months. And that is when we decided to give up our own dreams to make way for the dreams of our children, to be nurturing mothers, to be by our children's side at all times. So, as mothers it hurts us so much when our children forget how we cared, nurtured, fed, clothed and educated them even if such were beyond our means. The Filipinos are very clanish people, most have extended families, others even have double extended families. Generally, Filipino mothers enjoy the comforts of their own home even to their last breath. Hence, it is very sad to see mothers who are in the nursing home, facing their twilight years alone and forgotten by their very own children.

Mothers are not perfect beings, but we cannot continue blaming our mothers for our failures as this is the reason why we were given the power of choice. We cannot continue blaming them for the wrong choice of partner, for our career failures, for our own frailties, for our broken dreams. If only children would love or even learn to love their mothers ... beyond their imperfections, the world would probably be a better place to live.


Bola said...

Thank God for us mothers and even our mothers and grandmothers.Their love i value so much and pray constantly that as my mother is a good parent so shall i have the grace to be a better mother to my children.

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