Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday mi amore

It is my husband's birthday today and this is the very first time that we will be celebrating it apart. It's a good thing that we have all the means to communicate these days. Because in the past we would only have the snail mail, to name one, to rely on which either comes late or does not arrive at all.

So to you my wonderful husband, your children and I greet you with much warmth from the Philippines, enjoy this day although apart.

You brighten up my life
With memories and dreams
As the years pass
They get better it seems

You're someone I can count on
When I need a helping hand
You're compassionate and loving
You always understand

Oh yes you have your
Off days too
However those days
Are but numbered few

I'm so thankful to have
A husband like you
There is no other
Who could fill your shoes

Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, responsible and loving father to our children, and a respectful son-in-law. I must have done something good in the past to have found someone like you. Thank you for being very demonstrative to our children, for always saying "I love you" to them, for hugging them and always making them feel how much they are loved. For making me feel how much our family means to you. The Lord is blessing you because of this and I know He will continue to bless you as I can see how much you love your own mother and your siblings. Happy Birthday my husband! We love you so much!

***I would like to acknowledge that the poem is not written by myself but a poem I saw on the internet, I will be looking for the website to include the name of the person who wrote this wonderful poem.***


Ria said...

happy mother's day

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Hi! Just popping in. What a lovely poem. The pictures wouldn't come up for me though ...