Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Purpose driven life"

Borrowing the title from Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life, I find myself in the midst of a career turmoil. Everyday I go to work I drag my feet and ask myself if this is the road I want to trudge everyday of my working life. My youngest sister is spending the weekend over at my house and before she slept just a couple of minutes ago, we were discussing our respective jobs. We both agree that if we were given the chance, we would rather be doing something else. The kind of work that we can perform with passion; the type of job that we would just love doing from sun up to sun down. I mean I love my current job, I love the company I am connected with, and I love speaking with our clients overseas... but most times in the middle of it all, especially after a call gone bad, I'd start thinking and ask myself if this is all worth it. It's good that early on I could see my daughter's potential. I see how passionate she is when she works on her drawings. I hope, as a mother, I push her towards the right direction. So that one day, she would find a job that she will put her heart and soul into and drive her to succeed.

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Anonymous said...

we have the same feeling about our current job. bored na ko. pero kelangan ko. yung feeling na kaya mo lang syang gustong gawin dahil kailangan mong gawin. I want something else, pero ang hirap namang makuha ung gusto mo na ayaw naman ng kapalaran sa 'yo. hay buhay. nice post. love it.
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