Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Father of mine...a daughter's woe...

Over a cup of coffee, my youngest sister, Coco, shared how her "heart" "hurt" when she heard our Papa say "I love you" back to our other sister, Minpi, the other day. To be honest, I felt a sharp twinge in my chest as I, too, long to hear my father say that to me. Because although I already am a grown up, a mother, and a wife - I am still a daughter who longs to feel a father's love and a confirmation of any sort that I, too am not only a daughter out of my mother's womb but also someone he cherishes since the day I was born. Needless to say, I brought this up with my sister Minpi and she said that she too, was surprised when our Papa replied back. She said that it was a huge effort she put on and that it was all worth it. My sister said that she started saying "I love you" to our Papa last year and that everytime ... our father would say nothing but just hug her back.

I was just staring at my father awhile ago and realise how old he has become and probably feels alone in the confinement of his feelings for his daughters. I wish I had the same courage of my sister Minpi, who for 1 year, persevered and just waited and waited until my father gave :) Perhaps once day soon I would follow suit but as of this time I am so afraid of being rejected specially if the person who would do the rejecting is someone very close to my heart.

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