Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainy Summer

My skin automatically turns dark during the summer season even if I don't go to the beach hence, it's normal for me to expect my officemates to pressure me into telling them where I went swimming. Grrrr! Well, I guess this summer is different as I am not darker since the sun never shines that long. I guess such weather changes is brought about by the effect of the thinning of the earth's ozone layer. I am not an expert in these things but one can notice the difference when compared to the summers past. My sisters and I are planning some sort of a family outing before summer ends and am very excited. I tried on some swimsuits this afternoon and decided against it hahaha my husband and I made some sort of a dare and am going to let him win this time. Yep am chicken! So, there... you win husband...but only just because.... :)


Nhil said...

Yes indeed it is a rainy summer. But I like it because I cannot stand the warmest weather that I experience in the past few months. :)

Blogger Rise said...

hope your skin soon get well :D