Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry I am a bit under the weather today...last Saturday's drizzle instantly gave me this combo colds and flu... it's a good thing that I have plotted today as my VL otherwise, I would have done badly on my calls or called in sick, which I can't afford. My friend, Abie, who is currently residing in the US, called earlier this morning. It was an unexpected call but at the same time something that I welcomed. I just feel sorry that I was not as responsive as I normally am and this is because of this overall feeling of malaise. Oh and before I forget I would like to say thank you to Robyne, my officemate, who sacrificed attending their team building by taking my thursday and friday shift. Thank you because of you I was able to send my husband off to the airport with my children. I owe you one!


Candice said...

Yeah, tell me about it, since the summer kicked in, my hypertension took a mardi gras! Now I'm having headaches and palpitations.

Mommy Riza said...

sorry, i logged in to my work ID, it's Riza of rizawritten