Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big sacrifice

It is 1:14 in the morning and my three children are sound asleep, while i've been tossing and turning as sleep eludes me. At about 8pm last night, my children and I brought my husband to the airport as we have both agreed that our children's future is of top most importance. Hence, the need to explore greener pastures abroad. It was a tearful goodbye more so when back at the parking lot, my youngest son asked me if his Daddy would be coming back tomorrow... One funny thing though is when my husband started hugging and kissing our children, while our son Alloy was promising his dad that he will make sure that he bags the first honor, our eldest daughter, on the other hand, said "Dad do not marry another girl abroad" to his amusement.

My husband... my source of strength, my shock absorber, my comforter among other things has called four times before boarding because he feels the same way I do. I noticed from his strained voice how much he is fighting off a lot of emotions especially when he heard me sobbing over the phone. All the while he kept repeating that this was a sacrifice that he must do for our family and for our children's future. I have been feeling perplexed and anxious and wondering whether we have made the right decision. Because everytime I hear OFW horror stories I become an inch short from freaking out.

The worldwide credit crunch is affecting a lot of people especially families who have to stay apart to survive. And this is our family's response to the global crisis...it is a blessing though that despite such my husband was still able to find a job overseas. I just hope everything turns out alright...


Ria said...

I am so sad to hear that you need to be apart for now because of this global recession. I know how difficult it is to be on your own now. I felt that too when my hubby left for Dubai while my daughter was just 8 months old. What was harder was when I had to leave my daughter too to live with my hubby. It broke my heart to million pieces. I don't think I will ever, ever let that happen to us, ever again.

Yes, there are many horror stories of some OFWs everywhere. I am an OFW and I know what an OFW has to go through to make sure his or her family is well taken cared of. It is indeed a major sacrifice for the entire family. Just always bear in mind the reason why he had to leave... Nothing will be comforting right now but you'll just have to be strong for your kids. Let's just all pray that this global recession bottoms out really, really soon.

God Bless Enid! Cheer up...

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Mommy Riza said...

It's really sad to be in a place where you feel like screaming but no words would come out, talk and nobody hears or understood what you feel deep inside...couples aren't supposed to be apart, and it is written in the Bible "the man shall leave his father and mother to CLEAVE to his wife" ....I pray that things gets easier for both of you as time passes by and Godspeed...