Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 100th blog!

...okay so i have actually forgotten what to write on my 100th blog as I was too engrossed about a lot of things. I don't have any specific subject so I would like to think that the addition of my first ever 3 blogs which were originally posted on friendster should be a sort of reminiscing on when I first started blogging.

My first ever blog, entitled Homeschooling, was created on March 6, 2008 this was followed by Ocean Park and the last (on friendster) To doubt or not to doubt which were created on March 16 and 25 respectively under my site which I called "Halo-halo...excerpts from my amazing life" For the Filipinos "halo-halo" is a blend of shaved ice, beans, fruits and milk topped with ice cream, for my blog it was everything that I wanted to rave and rant about. I have thought of blogging even before my husband formally introduced me to it. I guess I can say that friendster paved the way and my husband's persuasion incited my passion for writing.

So as my 100th blog anniversary I am introducing to you my first 3's...

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