Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sad week...but then again

Eversince I took an indefinite leave, my blog catalog rating went down and that's sad for everything that I have worked for since I joined the blogosphere last year. Not only that but I have also lost 2 blog followers and it's just a boo-hoo (sob!). But looking at the brighter side I still have followers who have not given up on me (hopefully.... wink wink) and entrecard droppers and advertisers who have constantly stayed (whoo-hoo!). And most of all my parents are well, I know taking a leave from my blog has taken its toll but at least I have served that time making sure my parents were alright. February's just around the corner and so far so good...my parents are better than ever! Now I could pick up where I left off... that's it for now as I have to prepare for work!


Call Center Gal said...

It's okay, what's important is that your parents are now doing well. You have the time to catch up anyway. :)

Soon all your 'fans' will be coming back and you'll attract more readers than before. :)

Welcome back sis!

Gem said...

Good to hear you're back! I believe there are times when a blogger likes to leave blogging for a while.