Monday, February 2, 2009

Uncalled for

I was raging mad last Saturday when I got a frantic call from my mom telling me that their recently hired maid, who was my maid's sister, suddenly told her that she was leaving and that a certain man will pick her up that same day. I felt the strain in my mother's voice and was very much concerned about her going through a stressful emotion. My mom complained that a certain Dondon, claiming that he was my maid's relative called her, and threatened to bring a DSWD as my parents hired a maid "claiming" to be underaged. I was so mad that I asked for the cellphone number of this man who harassed my mom and called him. I told him that I was not calling to talk about his issues with my mom's maid but because of the fact that he dared threaten my mother. I added that he does not know my family to begin accusing us of keeping a minor as a maid. This stupid man who did not even try to find out, and mind you who was not even our maid's relative (close or distant), just got my mother's landline, got her address including mine and threw all kinds of threats to my mom not knowing that his call can cause her another heart attack. I cannot fathom how some people can be so stupid and head on doing what they "feel" is right without knowing or even trying to find out first the facts of the matter. Turned out as told to us by my maid and their mother that all the things that this certain Dondon said were all lies...all made up stories and that all he wanted to do was "pirate" my mom's maid because he needed another one. This stupid man who was only thinking of himself had no sense whatsoever of the ill-effects his accusations could lead to belongs to the stench of the earth who continually pollutes our surroundings.

Am sorry I am just ranting and raving but often when your family is harmed in any way, you get hurt to the core and just want to protect them from rotten people like this humbug! This is for you... hmph!

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Ria said...

no offense to other helpers out there but i never trusted them. i once did and entrusted the care of my little baby then. she left us for a man she barely knew. she stole from us, lied and even let the guy in while i was away. i could imagine the horrors these people might have done to my baby.

it's hard to be truly trustful to them bec most of the time, they just take advantage of you. ingat lng ng husto...