Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I got to speak to one of our customers, an 80 year old lady, who needed some assistance she then proceeded to ask where she was calling or where her call was routed to. She said she was speaking to someone from Malta and India earlier. When I said that she was speaking to someone from Manila, Philippines she was so amazed and said that it sounded so "magical" to be speaking to someone from different countries. Then she asked me how the weather was in the Philippines and whether it was snowing here and I said it was quite chilly in the early morning and evening but then we do not have snow here as it is a tropical country. She even asked me whether I have seen snow and I said I have had the opportunity when I was assigned in Japan 10 years back in which she commented "you know snow only looks good in Christmas cards...you know like those in Hallmark... but snow is slippery and dangerous..." She proceeded to say that she found it very interesting how I could speak good english when am not "English" and that she wouldn't have guessed that she was speaking to an Asian. The call ended with a resounding "God bless you" from my very engaging customer, and mind you which lasted for 30 minutes affecting my AHT (average handling time) but I did not mind I had a very good conversation with her.

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Call Center Gal said...

Whoa! 30 minutes? That indeed is a long call...:)

But what's important is that you just provided her a great customer experience...

I believe you can bounce that high AHT back anyway. :)