Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Acts of Kindness

My sister in-law, who went to Manila and was in dire need of a job, dropped by my husband's office to seek his help in preparing her resume. She had with her a brown envelope that contained her original birth certificate, NBI, SSS and other pertinent documents that she needs to bring with her on Monday. On their way back home, while at the train station where they just alighted from, she noticed her envelope missing. Hurriedly my husband, had this fact brought to the attention of the guards and had it paged. After minutes of trying to find my sister in-law's stuff they were adviced to go back to another station as they had with them a brown envelope that was handed to them by a kind commuter. Had it not been for the guards at the LRT stations who coordinated with each other, had it not been for the commuter who found the documents, my sister in-law would have wasted not only her time and effort but her savings as well. There is every bit of good in everyone, and when people make that extra mile...they stand out among the rest...

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