Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Tag A to Z

Okay I know I won't be able to blog about this tomorrow since I have work... this is a Friday tag but will advance this today. I am such a sleepyhead after an 11 hour shift so really sorry about that but anyways, as always would like to thank Ria of It's my Party (and i'll cry if I want to)! blog for remembering me on this fantastic tag.

A. Attached or Single? Attached--married
B. Best Friend? Yep! That would be Therese and Kuya Rico, my bestfriends since College, then there's JoRam and Weng from my previous work, and Jhoidz from my current work.
C. Cake? or Pie? Pie...blueberry pie is good, apple pie is just fantastic!
D. Day of Choice? Friday
E. Essential Item? Toothbrush and hand sanitizer
F. Favortie Color? Avocado Green

G. Gummy Bears or worms? Gummy Bears
H. Hometown?
Las Piñas City

I. Indulgence? Getting a footspa, a ped and a manicure

J. June or July? June, my youngest son's birthday
K. Kids? thareee.....
L. Life is not complete without? my husband and my children
M. Marriage date? - 8th of the 8th O2
N. Subscriptions? None
O. Orange or apples? Orange
P. Phobias?
tall buildings and enclosed areas
Q. Quotes?
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent by Eleanor Roosevelt
. Reason to Smile?
when in the midst of a tiring day I suddenly remember a smart remark by my children or a private joke that my husband and I share.
S. Season of choice?
when I was assigned in Japan it was winter it was the first time for me to see, feel, and walk in the snow. I just love the cold season
T. Tag 5 people -
Kengkay, Gem, Mom Gen, Iyrel, and Dhemz
U. Unknown facts about me?
I was betted against Lea Salonga to play Kim in Miss Saigon... and then I suddenly woke up! Waaaahhhhh! It was all but a dream hahaha...
V. Vegetable?
I love bitter gourd and all kinds of veggies

W. Worst habit
? i just love buying small stuffs at the Hardware store. It's the first thing I go to when I go to the mall alone.
X. Xray or Ultrasound?
Y. Your favorite food?
Chinese, Italian, Japanese, of course like Ria I still love my Mom's cooking best of all!
Z. Zodiac Sign?

Have fun!... I did! :)

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Anonymous said...

hehehe, ni tag mo pala ako ha! labs ko din blueberry pie pero iba lasa dito nun e, mas masarap dyan sa atin.