Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Communion

Last Saturday, the 6th of December was my daughter's First Communion. She looked so pretty with her veil, white dress all the way down to her white shoes. It was a family event, being my Mama's favorite and their first grandchild, my parents were present to witness the occasion. It was a solemn one held at the St. Joseph the Humble heart Church located inside Golden City Subdivision in Imus. The day before her communion they said confession at the same Church, when I asked my daughter how she felt during the confession she said that she wanted to say more but her teacher told her to confess only 5 sins. I had a good laugh I told her "so that means you still have a lot to confess then? why don't you start confessing to me? hahaha my daughter just rolled her eyes ")


24x7 Online Diva said...

I remembered my first communion then. During our communion practice, we were asked to say " My Lord, My God" after we bowed our heads (during consecration)and so I did. After the rehearsal, we received a reminder from our teacher, she said that we should just say it quietly, because we said it as if we were having a graded recitation. So there...:)

Glad your back!

Anonymous said...

what year nga ba ang first communion sa atin? is it 7 years old? kasi dito yata 9 years old e. and you could choose to go another year kung hindi pa ready.

am sure it was big day for your daughter!

on confessions, masyadong madaldal si panganay ko kaya lahat ng kasalanan nya nabubuking nya, hehe