Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bye Bye Bunny...

So much has happened during the days that I was not visible online and one of the loneliest "period" in my children's life was when they lost their bunny. Bunny's name is Ferrity named by their cousin, Hope. My children decided not to change its name as they are already used to it. Part of our agreement before we got Ferrity was that they would be responsible enough to clean his (yep bunny is male but was named Ferrity) cage and feed him daily. Which they did without much prodding. Until one Saturday afternoon I told my daughter to clean his cage and wash Ferrity's feet that I was met by loud shouting at the back of the house only to fnd that the poor rabbit was not well. My younger children blamed their ate as she shot the poor rabbit with her water gun which frightened him, made him panicked and induced a bad fall. I was so mad but did not want to stress my children especially my daughter who was already crying her heart out. That same day I decided to take her for a ride on my way to the grocery and asked her how she was feeling. She admitted feeling bad that Ferrity died because of her. I told her that it was an accident and such do happen. But stressed out that the next time they decide to have another pet how responsibility plays a big role in doing so. I told my daughter to take care of burying Ferrity which she did she even said a little prayer and was joined by her two little brothers in a eulogy of some sort for their very first pet.


wendy said...

patay na pala si Ferrity! Dba cya ung bunny na nasa post mo before?

its always sad to lose a pet.

Ria said...

oh, i feel for your daughter as i have seen my princess cry for the loss of her "sheepy" (our guinea pig) due to illness. she would lovingly stroke her pet and talk to him and give him nice goodies but i guess all pets need to go to pet heaven one way or the other. small critters like them get spooked easily and very fragile. the slightest thud or movement can give them palpitations (i read this from taking care of animals' sites) and that must have happened to little ferrity.

this is the hardest thing to see now, when kids feel pain over a loss. somehow, i feel they are young to feel heartbroken but this is the fact of life. they get exposed to the meaning of "death" as well and give them the lesson to take care of any being regardless of form.