Monday, December 22, 2008

Busiest month of the Year

Since December 1st my rest days have always been filled with so many things to do... a bit of shopping here and there, planning for our house blessing (finally!), hobbling between work and the kids. My sisters and I earlier agreed to parlay gift giving as we need the funds for her angioplasty. However, my husband disagreed and reminded me that this is something that should not be taken away from our traditional family reunion every Christmas Eve. And it's quite surprising how much time you can spend looking for nice presents that would not cost that much. I am happy with the things that I was able to buy, however, I would not want to broadcast how much I bought the pretty pretty shirts I discovered being sold somewhere in Imus, Cavite and to give you a rough idea, your 500 pesos will get you more than a dozen shirts that you can give as gifts to your god children and they are even brand new! I showed them to my mom and she said she would never be able to guess how much the shirts are as the materials are quite good. It's already the 22nd and yet I am not done with my Christmas shopping ... aaarggghhh! I hate cramming!

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