Saturday, October 18, 2008


One of the setbacks of being a part time agent is that I get to find out about the good stuff at the end of the week, when the occasion is very near, or when it is already over. But still this is good news as our Octoberfest will be held at our office grounds with Calla Lily as our guest for this evening's affair. Yey!

I am not a particular fan of Calla Lily not for anything else, I'm sure they have great songs and they perform well. It's just that I have always been an Eraserhead fan! Go Elly Buendia! Some of the songs that has made Calla Lily popular are the following: A Starry Night, Ako ay Babalik, Calla Lilly song, Dream, Fake Lullabies, Final Song, Hintay, Insane...to name a few.

At last after 2 years (this is the same with our Company Christmas Party), it is only now that I will be able to attend such an affair. Previous work shift schedules coincide with fun stuff that I am always left in the office along with other unhappy agents taking in calls while the rest are downstairs enjoying happy hour hahaha. I don't usually attend as well since often I would rather spend time with my family. However, since this occasion is some sort of a team building event with my team mates then I obliged. Also because one of our team mate will be competing in the Band-o-Rama that will be held tonight. Band-o-Rama is a competition among band enthusiasts in the company. Big prizes are at stake! Wow! 

I am sure I will enjoy the event but I am definitely certain that I will have this great urge to go home as soon as I can! Now I understand why I used to think of my mom as a party pooper (hahaha sorry Mama!) -- I am actually one too! However, as much I would rather stay home and spend time with my husband and children, this is something that I need to do as part of the team. I have always been requested by my colleagues to enjoin them everytime there was a scheduled team building but I would always beg off specially if it would be an overnight event or a trip to other far places. No particular reason it's just that I know my mind will only wander should I ever  come along. 

Oh and by the way there will be a separate Octoberfest held at our Quezon City site on October 25, and this time the invited band is Razorback. This band has made popular the songs - Munting Paraiso, Payaso, As spicy as it gets, Ikot ng Mundo, Beggar's Moon to name a few...

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