Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

Last wednesday, my daughter told me that she needed to bring sunflower seeds to school, so even if I was feverish, with the children and their yaya in tow, we went ahead in search of a store that sold such. We went the rounds of Imus and checked some pet shops, the kind where you can buy feeds for birds and other pets but to my dismay, we could not find any. I forgot to buy petrol for the car as we were in a hurry. While driving I noticed that the longer we headed forth, the more we saw cows and lots of grass. I was getting irritable as we were absolutely, definitely and certainly lost! Then I noticed a  lot of factories in the area and only realized that we were already in Rosario, Cavite where the EPZA (Export Processing Zone) is located. Yes, ladies and gentlemen we were like very, very, very far from Imus. Then my daughter suddenly told me "Mom, don't worry, instead of sunflower seeds we can use rice grains" Ok...sorry but upon hearing this I really blew my fuse! I started my litany, we were coasting the road where grasses were as tall as people, we were running out of gasoline, we were all very hungry, I could not see a nearby station and it was getting dark. By the help of a jeepney driver we were able to get out of Rosario but was met by a horrendous traffic along Aguinaldo highway. I could not stop ranting I was like my mother hahaha... My children who were normally rowdy were all quiet. Later that evening when I went inside our bedroom I saw a letter from my daughter apologizing profusely and with it was her hard earned money from the fiesta. She said that the money was for the gasoline we wasted because of her wrong judgment. I felt so touched but did not want to admit it to her. I reprimanded my daughter firmly and asked what lesson she learned from the experience. And her answer was "if we had rice grains we should not look for sunflower seeds?" She said it with a question mark I almost laughed but controlled myself. I did not want her to think that it was a joke though I almost choked with laughter. Hmp! Mama you're right into saying that it is tough being a mother I wonder how you managed us single handedly with Papa only coming home from work during the weekends. I must say though that motherhood difficult as it is, is something that cannot be replaced by gold! This is a job I love better than what I am being paid for in my work place.


Delish Dish said...

hahaha ... that's classic. I will do the same thing too. especially when we get so worried for their school project and turns out there's an alternative to what they asked.

wendy said...

omigosh! i'd probably rant and rave too if I find myself in the same situation!

it was very cute and sincere of your daughter to "pay" for the gasoline haha. and that answer she gave about what she learned, very childlike!

inyang said...

oh yes, the joys and pains of motherhood :)