Monday, October 13, 2008

Bunny For Sale

This is Ferity

My niece, Hope, is selling her precious bunny whom she named Ferity -- I was surprised that she wanted to sell. One thing tickled my funny bone though... go look at the "For Sale" sign that she posted:

what her For sale sign says:

Only Php 200.00
Doesn't bite
Very healthy
Very cute

Just now while I was doing this entry, my children saw Ferity's picture and asked me why I was posting it online; when they realized that Ferity was up for sale, they begged me and gave the money they earned yesterday (they entertained our relatives by reciting their declamation piece) and asked me to buy their cousin's rabbit. I accepted their payment (which will be deposited into their own bank account) this is so they would have a sense of ownership. They promised to take good care of Ferity :)


kingkay said...

how cute!!!hey, you might be interested in buying my guinea pigs..haha, just kidding!

Ria said...

awwwww.... enid! your niece is such a darling and i'm sure it's a good experience to have a pet and be responsible for it. i did the same and let my daughter take care of her guinea pigs. it's a good learning experience for them to be able to care for another living form.

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

the she made is so colorful but so full of innocence! really cute =)

ei enid =) thanks for the reminder about buying sturdy baby bottles! oo nga pala un ang gagamitin ng matagal. We might buy avent nalang. mahal pero matibay!

salamat ulit!

Delish Dish said...

oh cute... if only we are close probably I will buy it for my kids since they seem to like bunnies more when I took them to the fair and saw some cute ones.