Monday, September 29, 2008

Mental blabbers and E-space

I am a self-confessed "mental blabber" -- i think outloud, I have this tendency of weaving scenarios and speaking to myself, my mind has this inclination to talk incessantly which eventually pours out of my mouth. Whenever this happens my husband would always ask me what I said and I would just reply that I was talking out loud. However, I noticed that eversince I started my blog my mental blabs has decreased perhaps because it helps being able to transfer my thoughts to an electronic space (e-space). You see, it was my husband who introduced me to the world of blogging months back, everytime he came back from work he would prod me to start a blog. I remember starting one many years back when my youngest was only 8 months old but never got back to it as I could never think of my next topic. But now 2 years and 4 months later I could say that blogging has become an integral part of my being. In fact, these days, my husband literally has to pry my fingers loose from his laptop just so he could do his own blog hahaha. So much for his constant nudge to start up a blog. One more thing that I noticed is how easy it is for me to think up of literary pieces, songs, and short narratives. I guess the mind does work wonders. It is not enough to be able to blab mentally but it does pay to constantly train the mind to work at its best. This could be done in many forms of mental exercises and for me blogging facilitates such a need.

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