Monday, September 29, 2008

Get me your Supervisor!

I read a very interesting topic from Call Center Gal's site and was truly impressed by how the call center agent of Meralco handled her query. Well they should, after all we spend thousands on our electricity plus the fact that they charge VAT (hahaha). I was not as lucky though with the call center of a broadband provider. Several months back our internet connection was disrupted and of course my husband and I took turns dialing the number of the broadband provider's call center. We had spent 40 minutes on the phone just to get in touch with a call center agent and was told that we will be receiving a call within 24 hours from their technical support team. The 24-hour call stretched to 48 hours and by the time we knew it 1 week has already passed and still nobody has tried to reach us. We called again and advised the call center that we never got any help from their tech support not even a call back and they said to give them another 24 hours to resolve. Again the same thing happened. I aired my woe to one of my officemates and was told that they had the same plight last year but theirs even stretched to 1 month without connection but were still being billed. She told me that what they did was to ask for a supervisor and after a day, they got their month-delayed assistance. So when I went back home I told my husband to give this broadband's call center another shot and this time to pretend he was raging mad and that he wanted to speak to a supervisor. The agent placed my husband on a very long and irritating hold and when she came back was told that her supervisor will make sure that we get to be attended within 24 hours. My husband already quite irked told her that we have been advised 3 times to wait for 24 hours and yet it has been almost 2 weeks and nobody has even bothered to call us. He asked for a supervisor again and again was told that the supervisor assures us of quick assistance within 24 hours. My husband who is a very patient man tried to contain his ire and with measured syllables he asked the agent whether her supervisor was afraid to speak to him. He was again placed on a long hold and this time the supervisor answered his call much to his chagrin. My husband made sure that this supervisor knew how disappointed he was with the way his call was handled and even asked whether he (supervisor) was afraid of him (my husband) -- I was laughing quietly in the background as I could just imagine what the supervisor may be going through at this time. We were promised to be visited by their tech support the next day and Thank God this time their promised assistance materialized.

I have been a call center agent for almost 6 years hence, my disappointment in the way my calls are being handled in some of our local call centers. Being able to give the best service possible to my international clients I would expect to be given the same preference in my own country. The most important rule is to set the customer's expectation. Do not make promises that you know you cannot keep. Never make promises that will put your company's integrity to a test. Remember you are your company's frontliners. Whatever you say over the phone will make a lasting mark to the company's clients. I love providing my customers good service hence, I only say what is right and if it is something I am not too sure of I tell my customers that I will have to place them on hold for a few minutes while I verify the information for them.

Honestly, your customers would appreciate being given the correct information. By setting their expectation and providing other possible ways of resolving their issues you are in fact making sure your customers feel important as you give credence to the company who hired and pays you to provide such service.

Let's all put ourselves in the shoes of our customers shall we? Remember, after our shifts, we too are customers and expect the same kind of service from our providers.


Call Center Gal said...

Hi Call Center Mom,

I just read your post and I really appreciate the gesture of mentioning me and my blog on your post.

Just like you, I've been a call center agent and you know how challenging it is to always be on top of everything you do, even if it requires you to multi-task most of the time.

We share the same sentiments on how we expect quality customer service because we are on the other hand, are giving such excellent service to others. ;)

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

is that internet service provider smart bro? haha! we used to have them as isp and we got a lot of those with their customer service. we're now happy with globe. so far so good. neway, like you since i worked as a csr as well my standards are high with customer service.

I know they have limited power so if they cannot give me what i want i immediately ask for a supervisor haha!!

Irel said...

My second job in the US was in the call center. It was fun and wacky at the same time!!!You will hear some funny and weird stuff from Customers. But it was fun though..lol