Friday, September 19, 2008

Hands to heaven

"Lord grant me extra arms...Oh and please don't make them hairy...." hahaha

Every night that I have no work, my 3 children would fight over my arms. Everyone wants my arms to use as pillows for their little heads when they sleep. My eldest is often the one, who instead of sharing my arms, hold onto my legs for lack of another (sigh!). We actually have a separate room which is intended for the use of my 2 children except the youngest. My mom even bought a doubledeck for them to sleep on and they were even excited on the onset. But this only lasted for 2 weeks they suddenly complained of the room not being cool enough, of not having anyone with them when they sleep, and all sorts of reasons. Believe me! Children could think of the most amazing excuses when they feel the dire need to. Since then, due to the insistence of my husband (and the influence of our children), they have always slept with us and only used their room for play. Well, our kids grow up fast and by the time we know it they would not want to sleep beside us anymore, so we are just enjoying every single moment they want to share our bedroom...part of building memories with them...

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Simple Married Life said...

Those were the times when working moms like you would just like to stay in the house and take care of the kids because they're all adorable. ;)

By the way, I passed an award to you! You can check it out on my blog. I hope you can also share the love to other moms that blogs about their day to day encounters with their families.