Monday, September 22, 2008

Better Days

Lately I have been letting the song "Better Days" by Dianne Reeves travel the airwaves of my mind. I remember a friend telling me that everytime she is in a slump she plays this particular song over and over to remind her that every imaginable form of difficulty is only temporary. I guess I could say that my husband and I are sharing in this particular "doldrum."

In the Office:

Since last Thursday, we have been receiving numerous calls from customers who has issues with their accounts. It seems that all of them suddenly decided to call that day and give us a very, very hard time. I have had several customers who were testing my patience but I just won't budge. I always keep in mind that I am also a customer and if I were to place myself in their shoes, I would be reacting pretty much the same way. It was an 11-hour shift and we were already at our wits end. Being a call center agent is really tough -- your patience will be tested not only once during a particular call -- but many times over. It was a long ride home....

At Home:

Like any other families we experience occasional setbacks -- which could be anything from health, finances, personal or what have you. I could say that we are in one -- at this time and lately this has been a cause of my endless stare into the four-corner wall of our bedroom hoping that a bright idea or a miracle of some sort may manifest itself during this dire need. Nonetheles, I know that this is temporary and as always my husband and I will be able to hurdle through these trying times.

On a lighter note, my father will be celebrating his 80th birthday come this 6th of October and we are planning a surprise party for him. There is just a lot to do!


elaine said...

My mom likes that song a lot. She said it makes her feel positive when she sings it. (Us, kids feels worse when she sings it out loud hehe).

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

I remember being in an 11 hour shift too! very tiring but the hours seemed fast especially when the issues you deal with are complicated!

btw, thanks for the award! I've posted that award before but I will include your link on that post as well =)

God bless!