Sunday, September 13, 2009

no longer a baby...

I was lost in space one afternoon when I heard my daughter giggle and say "Aaay si Aljur!" (Oh! it's Aljur!)... Aljur is one of the most sought after young stars that has grazed local television. It felt weird because when I was her age, I had this huge crush with Shaun Cassidy, one of the Hardy Boys kids. I never imagined that I would someday hear my own daughter do that particular giggle. I used to be the reason for her giggles...when she was a baby and I would tickle her pink little toes. Now stars like Aljur can get her undivided attention even when I have called her name ten times. This can be so infuriating...hahaha now I know how my mom felt all those times I pretended not to hear her. I remember, my mom used to buy me "Shaun stuff" and I would feel so happy knowing that I was one of those who owned a Shaun Cassidy album and poster. So far, my daughter has never asked me to buy her anything Aljur...so far...but her birthday is coming up though am pretty sure "Aljur stuff" would not top her list of "what-I-wants" for her special day. Still...let's see :)

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