Thursday, August 20, 2009

my silver lining

Every cloud indeed has a silver lining just after that storm on my call that went bad, I got another call. This time I needed to strain my ears to be able to understand exactly what the customer was saying and what he wanted done. He garbled endlessly and then would suddenly stop and ask me if  i heard and understood what he just said. Then he would apologise endlessly as he was often that way due to a medical condition called Dyspraxia which according to him is almost like Dyslexia but the other way around. He asked me where the call was routed and I told him he was speaking to someone from the Philippines. He welcomed such opportunity to speak to people overseas like his previous calls which was coursed through Malta and India. We were on the phone for about 45 minutes which hurt my AHT really bad but I would say this was one of those calls that keeps me from leaving my job. Of course I was able to provide him the information he needed after patiently and repeatedly giving this out to him. He needed to write everything down so that he does not forget. But I laughed when he said he was afraid that he would forget what he has written down. I even suggested he writes it on post it notes so that it would be easy for him and he says that the walls of his house were already covered by it and he could not remember what each of them were for. He was pretty jovial about his condition and i thought it would hurt him more if I did not see the mirth in it. At the end of the call he was very thankful that I have been so patient with him and how delighted he was for being able to speak to me. I was overwhelmed with the downpour of praises but deep down I felt good to the roots that I was able to make one customer happy that day. 

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