Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just sharing...

Sigh... I have to get over this silly fear. My children and I spent last Sunday at my parents' house to celebrate Sheila's birthday (Sheila is the nanny of my 3 kids). Everyone especially Sheila (0f course) and my parents enjoyed the day, as my kids and my sisters' kids danced and sang to their delight! What I just felt pathetic about is the fact that when we were preparing to go home, I had this huge desire to hug my father and was trying to gather strength to tell him how much I love him, but as usual I got stuck with "Pa, we're leaving bye..." Then my sister Minpi said her "byes" as well and I heard her say "I love you Pa" i was trying to hear whether my father replied back or not but I just started to "mock cry". My youngest sister heard me and kept laughing because she knew how hard it was for to do just that. Then when I was at the garage that's where I shouted "I love you Papa!" hahaha well...it's a start okay? Perhaps next time I could shout it outside the kitchen door until such a time that I can be close enough and brave enough to tell my father how much I love him. :) haaaayayayay...tsk...tsk...enid....enid...enid

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