Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Right to sell

My team leader just told me that I have earned the right to sell -- I was a very happy customer service representative for almost a year since the time we were told not to sell any products. Am not afraid of selling, I guess I just do not want to bother people because being a customer myself I do not want to be bothered by sales talk over the phone or anywhere else unless I find myself in need of a certain product or service. I do not even stop, breathe or blink whenever a family first employee blocks my way and tries to trick me into listening to them. But crap! I am now part of the team who are supposed to offer. But who am I to complain? We were warned and forewarned that "sales" will be returned and be part of our metrics again eventually. I remember my first time on the floor, fresh from academy (some would refer to academy as nesting period), when my first ever team leader encouraged me to sell, sell and sell. But before doing so he asked me my fears and why I was very hesitant -- my reply was because I dread being rejected, I did not feel comfortable selling a product, I can instantly put myself in the customer's shoe so much so that I understand their need not to be offered anything over the phone. Selling is not my cup of tea but because I agreed to be flexible on the job then I guess there's really not much that I can do except.... okay I have been quiet for a couple of days because I needed to find out how I could incorporate selling or offering a product or service in the calls I get. Of course from the number of sales training that I've been through I learned that...

Offering or selling a product is not really about sales bonuses, it's more of being able to identify your customer's need. How? Offer a customer a loan, how does this help? If your customer is paying 16.9% to 22.9% interest annually on a credit card and a loan only costs 7.9% interest, would you not offer consolidating his debts by taking out a loan instead, especially if he has 2 or more credit cards? Or if your customer gives you free information that he is paying too much for rent, try offering him a mortgage with easy repayment plans -- the list could go on but the more important thing is that you capitalise on the information that your customer gives to be able to provide better service. Do not offer just Because, offer because it is Just.

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Ria said...

good Luck Enid. i know you'll do well...

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