Sunday, March 22, 2009


When your work is involved in confidential matters and you suddenly find out that there was a breach, you suddenly feel vulnerable. Why? Because you know that the same thing could happen to you. How can one defend a wrong that was done? a wrong done not only to the company but to its employees and most especially to the customers that the company provides the service to. What is even overwhelming is the fact that these are employees who has been with your company for a long time.

Our parents try to bring us all up the best way they can and one of the first things we are taught at home is honesty. So that you will have the integrity to look every one in the eye, because you know that you have never lied to and cheated your co-employees, your staff, or people around you. As a company you treat your workers well in the hope that they work agreeably for the business. (salaries are on time, bonuses and 13th month computations are correct.) As an Administrator or a Manager you make sure that you are decent enough to admit when you have erred and even bolder to rectify an error. As an employee, you make sure that you give back to the company what is due and even more by going an extra mile.

Yes!, we are not perfect but we were born with life choices...why then is it difficult to say NO to a wrong than a YES to a right?

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