Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raining Random facts and an Award

This tag is from Gengen of Wonderful Things in Life thank you for both the tag and the award.



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1. When I was about 17 or 18 years old I conspired with my youngest sister and dressed up as a pregnant woman. I rolled several clothes placed them inside a sack and tied it around my waist. We then went to McDonald's in Alabang town center wanting to see how people would react. It was fun seeing some of the crew whispering to each other when they thought I was not looking. (Pilya! hahaha)

2. Whenever my sisters and I went to SM Makati (then Shoemart), we would play a game (usually out of boredom) we would feign to comfort our youngest sister pretending to have a very big problem -- while we go on and secretly observe the reactions of the sales ladies who overhear us. (Super pilya! )

3. I was sent to Japan by a previous electronics company for training. One day I literally found myself standing rigid with a matching confused smile at a grocery counter when the cashier said something which for the life of me I could not understand nor decipher. It was a good thing another trainee came to the rescue and told me that the cashier was just asking me whether I wanted to purchase an extra plastic bag for the groceries. Whew! And I kept saying "wakaranai wakaranai" as it's the only word I remember during our language training :)

4. I used to take care of lizard eggs (i don't know why) ... i would find them at the back of my mother's sewing machine and collect them put them inside a box and let them hatch there.

5. When my youngest sister was only 10 years old I kept saying a particular expression made up by my then group of highschool friends. My sister was so curious about what it meant, so I told her that I promise to tell her on her 16th birthday. Being the gullible little girl that she used to be, she agreed. On the morning of her birthday she came running inside my room and asked me what the expression meant. I fell off the bed laughing when I realised that she still wanted to know about it when actually it did not mean anything. She was so mad at me saying she waited for 6 long years for nothing hahaha....

6. I wore retainers from highschool to college and my grandmother referred to it as my "teeth antenna"

7. When I was in highschool I was so not into sewing, that most of my projects were done by my grandmother.

8. One lazy day back in highschool I had this great urge to just stay home so I crammed lots of crushed garlic in my armpits in the hope that I would feel hot to touch (i learned this from a classmate) before telling my mom I had to make sure it worked so I checked my temperature. Realising that it was not working I dipped the thermometer into a warm glass of water ... of course my mom just told me to stay home hehehe....

9. The only man in the family is my father so everytime he would have to climb up the roof and fix our antenna or fix whatever, I was always the one up there with him. Even up to this day I am very able when it comes to "some" home repairs.

10. When I was little, I opened our transistor radio because I thought the sounds came from small people living inside the radio ... :)

There...you've noticed that most of the random facts about me are things that you as a mother would not expect your daughters to do. I feel the same....I hope my daughter would not do the crazy things I did hahaha I could not imagine how my mother was able to cope though!

Now I am going to give this award and tag to the 10 people who I know deserve this:


Umma said...

Hello Enid, thanks so much for remembering me about this tag, I already posted on my baby's blog.

Take care my dear.

genny said...

Thanks for doing the tag and award.. Its nice to know you....

liza said...

thank enid! i will try to post it soon ;)

Simple Married Life said...

Hiyee Enid,

I hope you're doing well. I tagged you with a meme, http://simplemarriedlife.com/?p=176

Thanks! :) Take care :)