Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kidz@Work and Night Market

We will be having our 2nd Kidz@work and am very excited...I know it would be pretty much the same thing as the activities last year. But am sure my children would be thrilled once they learn that they will be going to the office again. Kidz@work is a yearly date with the employee's children and younger siblings whilst invited to a myriad of activities set for them. Such activity would include a tour of the office, a peek at the kind of work that their parents, siblings handle, some games and eating afterwards. This will be held on December 05.

On the other hand, our night market will be held at the parking lot on December 12.

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Ria said...

I miss night markets! Our office in DBP Makati (where I used to work) always hold one every year for 3 straight days few days before the Christmas holidays. Nakakamiss!