Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saturday night Fever

My apologies dear readers if I have failed to do some blogging work for the past week...my children and I have been sick on and off since Saturday. A couple days back (before I got sick myself) while I was hugging my youngest who was feverish and unable to breathe well due to clogged nose I said to him "Son pass that on to mommy" and he did so there I got sick myself hahaha not that I am complaining. It's just that I got to spread the virus around and passed it on to my other son Alloy and to my daughter Ally. We have just arrived from their Pedia and thank God my son is totally cleared of his primary complex. He got infected a year ago from a previous nanny who, without my knowledge, would bring him to unimaginable places to visit her boyfriend when I was at work. I also found out that the nanny got herself pregnant and that we could no longer rely on her as she would leave in the evening while my husband was asleep, leave my baby alone (being employed in a call center I was not with them every night) and go to the Village Plaza and get drunk along with the other irresponsible maids and tricycle drivers. One day I got so fed up with her as it would take her 2 to 3 hours to come back after I send her on a very simple errand (ex. buy a bottle of vinegar in the nearby store). So I told her to pack her things and leave us, that was the only time I learnt about the things she did behind our backs. Our neighbors could not tell us because they were afraid of our maid. Imagine that?! Anyway, sorry I get very emotional when I remember this particular episode in our life. As my husband keeps reminding me "erase erase...forget the past...let bygones be bygones...case closed"

Well, what's important now is my son Alloy is healthy he just needs new vitamins and a different milk to fatten him up. My daughter, who is spending her semestral break at her Lola's house (due to insistent public demand), is no longer coughing. While my youngest seems to be better....well on the road to recovery... Praise the Lord! Thank you, thank you for the blessings and even the trials, for the miracles that happen in our lives every single day. Thank You!

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irel said...

My kids has stuffy noses too! i am worried with my 2nd son Ethan because every time winter comes he gets sickly.Just like last year ( knock on wood) he was sick for 3 weeks while my husband was assigned in Australia for avionic job.

If only we can just get their sickness and let them be sick-free I will definitely accept it with open arms!

get well...