Monday, October 20, 2008

I got Tagged! And so must You!


Hello Ria and to our fellow bloggers! Seems that I got tagged this time and there is no getting out of this hahaha...so here... this is me... no more, no less...

1. I don't quite understand either but I just love Kare-Kare with bagoong and tomato catsup. Promise!

2. I missed my chance to graduate a month earlier because I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up, the bus I was riding was miles away from my school not to mention the fact that I was already very late even if I go back (my parents up to this time does not know this). I was supposed to be in school earlier to defend my thesis. 

3. One time, my dad told me to bring his car and pick my sister up from school feeling quite adventurous, and with the quest of submitting a class report, I made my sister and her bestfriend keep secret, the fact that I drove the car up to Taft Avenue (with them in tow). The ride going to the University was unenventful but the ride going back home was not. Had my parents known, such would have made them upset and very much alarmed. We met a minor accident on the way, which left a slight dent on the right side of the car. Other "car escapades" followed every Summertime whenever we spent school break in Batangas. Late at night When our parents are fast-asleep, my two other sisters and I, would sneak out of the condo and literally push the car out of the garage. We would go on a short road trip and drive through the streets of Batangas City with our friends or eat Tapsilog (this is a Filipino favorite consisting of garlic fried rice, fried beef and egg cooked sunny side-up) at the canteen located in my Papa's workplace. My parents will only know about this now once my mom gets to read this blog. (hahaha sorry Papa and Mama)...I hope none of my children do what I did (i have to keep my fingers crossed on this one)...

Oh please don't judge me hahaha I was young, bold and carefree...

4. I love singing...I was a member of our church choir for more or less 15 years until we disbanded in 2001.

5. I cook well and could whip up a good meal anytime.

6. I cry easily -- even sad tv commercials could make my eyes well up with tears

7. While queuing in the grocery, waiting for a ride or simply standing in a corner, I seem to attract complete strangers who likes talking about their life and other personal stuff. (Hubby says there may be a good reason why this is so...perhaps some kind of life purpose...I have not discovered yet though) 

Well, it's time I know about you, so I share this one with my blogger friends Wendy, Gem, Bola, Japol, Call center gal, Iyrel, and Simple Married Life.


Delish Dish said...

Done with the tag sis:) u can find it @

Anonymous said...

i love kare-kare, too. sayang lang at di ko sya magawa dito sa alemanya :( anyway, sarap talaga ang mag cruising with friends para maghanap ng gimik at ng pagkain -- i didnt drive sa manila but my friends would always sneak around anytime of the day at kung saan saan din kami napapadpad usually we would end up sa gotohan sa palengke ng marilao, bulacan o kaya naman sa piknikan sa tagaytay.. sarap mag reminisce!

Bola said...

Thanks for the tag, been away from the blog,will post it asap.

Warm rgrds,

Bola of MumsDadsChildren .