Monday, October 6, 2008

My No. 1 Fan!

I would like to share with you dear readers a letter sent through email by my Mama ...

Tues, Sept. 30,2008

Dear Enid,

I like the way your literary talents are working on you now. When you were a young girl I noticed that talent and kept you prodding, remember about it, after your bath and reading the daily papers, to write about things around you but you didn't understand fully yet why I was doing that to the three sisters, you thought I was just strict with you not knowing that writing sort of journals will eventually lead one to writing good compositions. It was a very good writing exercise. I am amazed how you can put your thoughts into eloquent words and I am proud you are using your talent. Keep it up and use it to the full.

This is the talent I see in Ally. When she was about 5 years old I would cut pictures of a family, nature or anything with actions and encouraged her to write in two or 3 sentences about it and she did . I am happy that she composes poems now. Encourage her further by letting her write her thoughts about her drawings, this ways "shooting a bird with one stone".

Do this also with Alloy and Allen. Let them tell stories of what they see and later on when they can write do it gradually. That is the reason why reading stories, story-telling are important components in child development. Let your children see you are reading and love to read.

Once again, keep up blogging because to tell you I do find time now to turn on the computer excited to find what's knew in your blog. I always find it cumbersome to spend my time with the computer due to my chores, really am not now. I look forward to read something new in your blog. Congratulations!

I love you,


Thank you Mama! I love you too!

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Call Center Gal said...

That was so sweet of her! ;) You're very lucky to have a supportive and loving mom. ;)