Monday, September 1, 2008

What's in a name?

My real name is Enid (pronounced as ē-nid) -- my mother says that she saw the word Enid in a dictionary which means pure and spotless ... a far cry from my "persona" haha.
I was glad to have a foreign sounding name and thought that this would be very useful in my job as a call center agent. Hence, I never changed it unlike what other Juanas and Marias do with the thought that my birth name was quite understandable over the phone. But I was wrong! My name keeps getting "murdered." At every end of the call, my customers would always say "Well, thanks for helping Nina!" Some days, I would even be called "Nita", "Tina", or "Lita". That happened on several occasions so from then on I decided to be Nina rather than Nita, Tina or Lita. I never had any problem since then...or so i thought.... Until one evening I received a call from an old man who asked for my name only to be surprised at the end of the call when Mr. customer thanked me and called me "Nemo." How perfect can one's life be? :)

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