Monday, September 1, 2008

One last cry

Oooh first time call center agents are the best targets for an irate caller. Yes believe me! I was once an unlucky recipient of this kind of call. Imagine this: I was more anxious than excited as I waited in my fully decorated station for my second call. Then I heard the beep I was so jumpy I would have fainted if one of my team mates whispered "boo!" The man at the other end of the line was shouting and asking for a supervisor. I intended to make good on the call and told the customer that I needed to get his details before I passed him on to my sup. He went through his litany and never stopped giving me emotional punches, he was my first irate caller ... I broke down and cried (but not too loudly, I did not want my team mates to think that I was a loser!). The customer by then was cursing but I made a mistake I sniffled much to his delight. He was saying something like "yeah go on! cry if you must but you still have not resolved my problem...I want your supervisor now!" To cut it short, I was able to control my emotions -- assisted the grumpy old customer... nope I never did call my supervisor (a revenge of some sort lolz) and never gave him the compensation he was asking for. Well I would have if he was a bit nice to me (so that was another revenge haha). I promised myself that would be my first and last cry! I felt empowered!

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