Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sister Act

I saw this on the internet and decided to post it here as it reminded me so much of my sister who is celebrating her birthday today 07 September.

"Sisters are different. They heard the sobbing in the darkness. They lived through all your triumphs, all your favorites, all your loves and losses. They have no delusions. They lived with you too long. And so, when you achieve some victory, friends are delighted - but sisters hold  your hands in silence and shine with happiness. For they know the cost."

- Pam Brown -

I am just so glad and thankful that God chose you to be my sister! Indeed we have gone a long way from being the "supposedly" sweethearts of .... Oh never mind! People who'd be reading this will be able to guess our age hahaha! I know God blessed you today and continually bless you for your generous heart. Though I trusted you with my life's secrets I don't know how many, you  actually, have divulged. Truthfully, you are someone I could always count on ... my sister, my friend Happy, Happy Birthday!

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