Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working Part-time and assuming a Work-life Balance

I am getting a lot of query regarding the possibility of getting hired part-time as a call center agent at the World’s local bank. Well hear ye! Hear ye! Indeed this option is available – once you get regularized. This is not too bad as training is normally done within 2 months plus a month in Academy (though this will depend on the account you will be trained under) so that leaves you 3 months left before you become regularized. The company believes that every employee is entitled to choose the manner in which they should work including their schedule to achieve Work-life balance. This is the same path I chose today because I want to be able to provide my children quality time. I have been working full time since I graduated (which was not so many years back…hmmmm defensive?! Hahahaha), got married, had children…had more children…which took 9 years away of quality time from my eldest and only daughter, 5 years from my son, and 2.5 years from my youngest son. And since it was an option available in the company, I took it without blinking an eye (of course with my husband’s blessing). I should say that since then my children never got sick the way they used to, bumps and bruises are a thing of the past and they are happier (I should hope so hahaha). It’s great that we are given such life choices and that having a work-life balance is something that our company recognizes. I wanted to say “I’m in good hands” ... but that’s another bank’s tag line hahaha… I am proud to be part of a company that encourages its employees to endeavor in projects like Gawad Kalinga, Tree Planting and Volunteer teaching among others. Surely a company that knows how to take care of other people and Mother Nature is a company that takes good care of its employees too!

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bambie said...

i've been a regular visitor of your blog for the past few weeks but it's only now that i learned that you work for the World's Local Bank.☺

i actually worked there for almost 2 years (06-07), at their alabang site. small world.☺