Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frozen Delight

As soon as I arrived home from my tiring "back and forths" I headed straight to the ref to take out some ground pork that I was planning to prepare for dinner. I was caught by surprised as I saw my son's gameboy inside the freezer. I knew the culprit even before I made everyone aware of what I have just discovered. It was my youngest son, Allen ... not only does he make it a point to open the ref every once in a while (as if the contents of the ref will change) but part of his "game plan" include putting some of his toys inside (not the freezer though...this is a first). He also uses the ref to hide his brother and sister's toys and some other bits and stuff. And you know what's so frustrating? It's when I confront my youngest son about it and he gives me his most disarming smile….arggghh! Sometimes I just want to knock my head with a pan when my youngest son is able to affect my good judgment just like that…


Papa Ces said...

There's nothing a cute smile can't fix.


wendy said...

that's just cute and funny! I remember hiding certain toys too as a kid to keep it away from my sisters =) But i never thought of the ref as a hiding place!!

hope it didn't get damaged.