Wednesday, August 20, 2008


April 25, 2006 -- almost 3 years ago from this particular date since I walked in the first ever call center that hired me. I can still remember the smell of new chairs and tables, new computers, the smell of the carpet I carefully walked on. I remember how much I was in awe the first time I was toured around the floor where I would spend many nights talking to US customers rather than sleeping beside my husband and kids. Yeah! Am speaking straight English plus the American accent! I have undergone some kind of transformation... from the person who was not quite confident in English I now am Miss English in more ways than one. The call center has changed me and changed my views on life, on people from the other side of the world, and opened my mind to more possibilities. I remember my very first call... I was being asked how many minutes has been used on direct connect and for the life of me it took me 15-20 minutes to be able to give the customer an answer which I just made up for the sake of getting back to her. My first ever customer was not too pleased and was wondering why she had gotten a different answer as compared to the call she made earlier that day. Whooshooo! For me that already was a feat I felt I would not be able to do it again. But here I am 5 years in the call center industry and still hanging on to dear life. It's funny because most of the people I know who used to be managers or account managers, some business owners, some teachers are now employed as call center agents. Even funnier is the fact that before I entered the call center industry I used to be a manager complete with a secretary and a messenger. Only to meet my messenger again in the same company where I am an agent and to discover that he is now one of the company's manager handling our US account. Contrary to what others may think, I felt so happy for Mike ( I used to kid him about his teeth - he had not too much then). This is one of the glory that the call center industry can take you to. Promotions are not a hard find plus the fact that you as an agent would be earning more than a regular day job supervisor.

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