Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In pursuit of a job!

I woke up one day with the horrible truth that I was utterly jobless…A mother who was of no use (sob!) For people like me who, right after graduation, easily landed a job I felt dreadfully bored and restless. I am so looking forward to joining the work force notwithstanding the heavily packed jeepney rides. I want to be able to wake up early, take a bath or to have second thoughts of taking a bath depending on whether the water is too cold or not. I long to put on make up and to plan what business attire to wear on particular days. I long for the aroma of coffee which seems to smell different from the coffee I make daily since I left my previous job. I even miss the loathsome traffic when I would trek the road from Las Piñas City to Cavite. I have just given birth and my husband would always tell me that he likes the idea of me being a stay home mom. One day coming from work, my husband saw me so forlorn and staring into space. I was surprised but gladly so as he asked me “Mom, do you really want to go back to work?” that very question was like music to my ears! At that instance, I did not allow him to go any further; I led him to our bedroom. And alas the next day, I had with me my very own license to work and go job hunting! (wink wink) I was ecstatic, excited, and all those good adjectives! With 500 pesos and a plastic envelope that contains my “hot from the pan” resume, my smelly diploma and birth certificate --- I headed to Makati City. It was during those times that call centers were slowly becoming the “in” thing. I started with a company along Makati Avenue in one of the offices inside the RCBC building. It was there that I felt “Lost in translation”… All of a sudden I was in the United States everywhere I looked people were speaking in English with an American accent. Even the guards had an accent! I felt nervous I have worked for a company where English was not always needed unless you had to send a letter of invitation. My fellow applicants and I sat at the lobby in an endless wait. After some time we were called in and given a test on listening skills which I aced (surprisingly!). After a series of interview and some form of typing skill, I was called in for the final interview. All in all everything went fine except for the fact that at the end of the line I was not accepted for reasons I know not of. Looking for a job along with thousands of fresh graduates was no joke! Most companies would rather hire “new graduates” than "new mothers”. It was a fact that was exhausting to give my ten cents worth. It was only 2pm and already my well combed and ironed hair, already looked good for the clothesline, I smelt of smoke and my armpits were beginning to blot my sleeves. The next day I approached the application process with a different zest and of course in a totally different style. Instead of going the rounds of Makati again, I decided to send my resume via the internet. I did not have to wait for long as I received an email from ePLDT inviting me for an interview. To sum it up I nailed the job – my first call center ever! It was a good thing my husband was willing to consider and give it a try. It was very difficult at first having to work nights and turning my morning to evenings. What made it more difficult was the fact that I would miss sleeping beside my new born son, my eldest daughter and my husband. This was the start of my adventures and misadventures as a call center mom…it just feels good to receive regular wages again!

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