Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

 The first time I met you, I must admit that I had constant reservations on whether our relationship would work out. Why? Because from the start you were so strict (like my Mom) while I valued my independence you always wanted to know where I was going, with whom I was with -- things that I would rather keep at bay while we were not yet married. You never failed to amaze me with your deep understanding of the world around, you never faltered on your beliefs. You knew what you wanted to happen in your life. Early on the relationship you affirmed of a lifetime together while I did not want to hope and get hurt again. But you were true to your word after 2 years we finally got married. We planned everything together ... I saw the excitement in your eyes and felt how much you were looking forward for that to happen. I remember one night coming back from work … you were so excited and knelt in front of me. You then presented me with a ring and again proposed and told me how much you wanted to marry me. Timidly you said that it was not an expensive ring … daddy just to let you know … that did not matter to me… I saw beyond that ring … something more precious, something that can never be bought anywhere. And it was your love … you keep asking me if I have had any regrets over the years for not marrying a rich man. Wealth is nothing without the kind of love you have surrounded me and our children with. You are a fantastic self-made man I know there is no one else like you who could make me laugh as hard, smile for no reason, and with whom I can be myself. I love you my husband, my soul mate, the father of my children, my best friend and counselor, my critic and the love of my life. Thank you!  Happy Happy Anniversary to us!

I chanced upon this poem written by Teri Sprinkel

When We First Met
When we first met,
in my heart I could feel
the warmth of your smile,
and I knew that we would
share something special
that many people
only dream of......

Though time has passed
since the day we first met,
I can sincerely tell you
that I love you more through time,
We've seen both good and bad times,
and I feel they have
strenghtened our relationship,
making it one we can always count on.
I thank you for always being there
to embrace me when life
becomes difficult,
for warming my spirit
and returning my strength.

I thank you for filling
my life, my heart,
and my dreams with unending love.

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