Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pasta a la calabaza

I recently discovered ways of creating healthy food using squash. I've done it a la lumpiang shanghai with corned tuna, I've also used it as a binder for cooking "tortang dulong" (which, according to google is also called, anchovy fry). And my kids loves it! Just the other day, i experimented again, this time with pasta. I sauteed, corned tuna in olive oil and lots of garlic then mixed it with squash which i have mashed earlier. As seasoning I included lots of ground pepper and italian herbs...i did not even include tomato sauce as I think this would not match well with squash. And that was it...I just poured it over spaghetti noodles and topped it with cheese and my kids just loved it to bits! Instead of corned tuna perhaps you may want to try using ground beef or pork for it to taste meatier. 

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