Tuesday, August 25, 2009

runs in the blood

My youngest son and I were both watching this movie that showed a machine filtering huge bulk of cotton. When my son saw this his instant reaction was "wow ang sarap" ("wow! that looks delicious!".) So I asked him what he was referring to and he said it was the white stuff being fed into the machine. I asked him "what's so delicious about cotton?" his reply was "no, that's not cotton, that's rice, rice, rice, rice". I tried to correct him and said it was cotton and he said "no it's not, it's rice." My son repeated this several times to my amusement I told him "Allen you are so stubborn!" And then he made this sign....

...which meant "bog sa yo, talbog sa yo, lahat ng sinabi mo pwera lang sa kin." I don't know how to translate this in english in it's exact words but it meant something like "think all you want but whatever you say will just bounce back to you." For once in my life, I did not know what to say. I shared this to my husband and he told me well, your son took after you. Grrrrrr! 


vicy said...

Hopping here..Hope you can visit me back..God Bless!!

vicy said...

Visiting back here tonight..God Bless!!