Saturday, April 4, 2009

My 2 boys

I have been dropping entrecards while thinking of what to write next on my blog when my 2 sons who were playing "pretend" suddenly stopped and asked me two different questions at the same time. Their questions gave me a good laugh and a reason why I have something to share with you :) My son Alloy, who is 5 (yep he is the one who got a medal just recently), said "Mom, my birdy is still sticking to my groin." He actually asked me this question before and I told him that I did not know the answer to that but that he could try putting powder hahaha. Well, he ended up asking his grandpa, who jokingly answered that he thinks he needs to have it cut. It's funny because my son feels that it is such a big problem for him I just told him awhile ago to text his dad may be he could get some tips on how to deal with his "problem." My 3-year old son, Allen, on the other hand, whispered.... at first I could not decipher what he was trying to tell me so when he whispered again, this is what he said "Mom, ganda mo, sexy mo! "(Mom, you are pretty and sexy!), then he whispered again "Ako mom? sabihin mo macho and pogi! (Mom,whisper to me too, tell me I am macho and handsome!)...

Okay so did he just tell me I was pretty and sexy because he wanted me to say something to him too? hahaha Oh well, I hope he was sincere when he said that :)



Marly said...

Hello :) YOur boys are handsome. Looking at your boys makes me miss my nephews :)

Blogger Rise said...

cute boy you have there

Ria said...

Funny kids!!! hahahaha. Natawa naman ako dun sa "problem" nung panganay mo...hahaha. Naku, ang anak ko kayang prinsesa eh magsasabi din sa akin ng "girly" problems nya kaya? hmmmm.... So, how's life sister? How are you coping? Kelan ka susunod dun? Chikka ka lng ha. I am an email, FB, blog and YM away...grabe, dami na nating connection.hehehehe.

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