Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I’m about to embark on a journey to the unknown and you bet am anxious, excited, and a whole bunch of other emotions that I cannot seem to put my fingers on. I have heard about homeschooling from gossip magazines (not that I am keen on the lives of our local moviestars haha) as most child actors and actresses are unable to attend regular schools. I am a teacher’s daughter. My mother has served as a teacher in one of the Philippine’s finest schools for more than 30 years. So regular school was and is the byline of normal or should I say ordinary people and not so ordinary people. The only beings exempted from attending regular schools are, as i mentioned awhile ago - are actors and actresses and some children with special needs. The next time I heard about homeschooling was from an officemate who was homeschooled by their mother until she and her other siblings reached the "after-highschool" age. I was bewildered…I was amazed that a person like my officemate, who was very fluent in English (working in a callcenter this is a MUST), who was very good in making our customers understand, and who is very good in selling our company’s products, is actually a product of homeschool. I browsed through the internet and found out that most of the homebased schools are from other parts of the world. So I tried to look for more information, and found out that there was a school in the Philippines that offered a homebased study program and was Catholic nonetheless. I sent CFA (Catholic Filipino Academy) an email wanting to get more details about their program… I did not have to wait for long. Someone from CFA called me and invited me to a seminar that they were sponsoring on March 6. I attended the seminar and my mind opened to a new world which would include bonding, patiently educating, and preparing myself everyday for this - shall I say - passage to a world sans the regular teacher, the regular school, uniforms, schoolbus, endless projects, endless school fees and fieldtrips. Yes, I am quite perplexed but with my husband’s full support (and am grateful that he is supporting me on this one) I know I can make this happen. I will keep tabs on what happens next…thank you for reading….

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Julie said...

Good for you! It is like a whole new world isn't it? When I first started Homeschooling I thought I would be the only person in the UK - and then lo and behold - there are masses of us!!
Good luck to you - looking forward to reading more.