Friday, March 27, 2009

Congratulations Alloy!

My children and I attended my son, Alloy's recognition yesterday ... I am a proud mother of very smart kids. My husband and I were hoping our son could bag the first honor and get a gold medal but as I keep telling my children -- there are things that they have to work extra hard for. Just the same he was awarded a medal for ranking first for Academic Excellence. Such honor is awarded to students who have consistently performed well during the schoolyear.

To you my son, continue learning ... pursue the road to greatness and persist on being top of your class and whatever you do always.... :)


Call Center Gal said...

Wow! I heard a proud Mama on this post! Congratulations for raising a good kid!

I will subscribe in a bit so I won't miss your updates via email. :)

Have a great day!

Riza said...

Hi, actually, its the parents who should be congratulated for a job well done eh..hehehe...

Ria said...

Congratulations to your son Alloy! I know you're one happy and proud mom!!!

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