Tuesday, March 3, 2009

But Lolo said....

Today is my first "off" day from work but mommies like us never run out of things to do, errands to accomplish, and runny noses to wipe. This is just one of those days when I had to skirt through Aguinaldo highway in the aim of avoiding slow moving cars and meeting my sister in law in time for her job interview. I tagged my 3 year old son along who was probably annoyed at the way I drove the car because of his futile effort to eat the hotdog he brought along (his head kept bobbing which made it difficult to grab a bite off the "elusive" hotdog). I got to my sister in law in time, paid my electricity bill, fed my son lunch, went to my mom's house to return the chairs i borrowed 3 months ago :), and did my groceries. Anyway, this is not really about my hectic schedule but during the ride to my mom's house I was asking my son what he wanted to eat for "merienda" (afternoon snack). My son's initial response was that he wanted to eat cake but later changed his mind and said that he wanted to eat ice cream. I reminded him that he has just gotten over his cough to which he immediately replied "No, Lolo said I can eat ice cream, hot ice cream..." (my sons figured that they can always eat ice cream even if they have cough as long as it is not cold ice cream hahaha). Then I asked my son "Are you sure that Lolo said that? Because we are going there right now, I will ask him if he told you that." My son did not say anything but just kept nodding his head.

When we reached my parents house I told him "C'mon Allen, Lolo and Lola are waiting for us, besides I have to ask Lolo if he really told you that you that you can eat ice cream." Allen said with his sweet baby voice "Mom, I'll just stay inside the car, I will wait for you here!" :)

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