Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reflections on my birthday

In two days I will be celebrating my birthday, another milestone, another year added to my existence... and I am so grateful! Many years back during my troubled solitude, I have often pondered about a lot of things...will I marry or stay single? Will I or will I not have children? Will my mother and I ever see the best from each other or never? Will my father start regarding me as someone with whom he can share his views or not? Will my sisters ever see me as an “ate” they could depend on? Will I ever be taken seriously? Will I ever get a stable job? So many questions….always left unanswered… Never knowing what my purpose in life is. And then you discover that your purpose is not given to you on a silver platter but takes some time of soul searching and life experiences before you touch base. Now I could say that I have travelled at least half the way of my full circle and as such, contented where I am. My loving husband and three wonderful children are constant reminders of the blessings that I have. If I used to shirk on my birthdays now I embrace this with pleasure because every year that I happen is always another year with the people I love. And each time I thank our Lord God that He has given me the wisdom to make His plans for me my own and to completely entrust my life unto Him.

On my birthday, I would like to spend this time not only with my family but with friends who have remained steadfast all throughout the years! You know who you are so see you soon! :)


A bum's life said...


Happy Birthday!
We wish you all the best in life.

- mye and rex :)

RE: project wonderful

Login to your account. Go to your ad box. In the ad settings, you have to auto-approve all bids for your ad box.

Hope this helps. ;)

Gem said...

Nice reflection. But looks like life blessed you with a wonderful life.

Not all people end up with such blessings, including me.

Take care.

Ria said...

Happy birthday Enid! May you have many more, healthy, happy and loving years ahead :)

Drey said...

Happy Birthday!
Birthdays do come, not only to remind us that another year has passed but tells us that another year is coming. Look forward, move onward and continue on with your life's travel and live each day with gladness and joy.