Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back from a long "vacation"

It is so good to be back! I miss blogging! But before anything else I would like to greet my youngest sister the best birthday ever. This birthday greeting is long overdue as I have had no time to update my blogs ... but am back! And everything is alright. We spent her birthday (November 16th) in the hospital while our mom was in the ICU, my "bunsoy" (what I call my youngest sister), was even sick on her birthday. My mom, always the "generous one gave my papa money to buy some food to share on my sister's birthday. It was a happy day for us as my mom was much better but not so as my sister, on the other hand, had such a bad flu.

Well sister, this message is for you...

I know how lonely sometimes life can be, I have been in that situation. Remember that time...several Valentine's ago when you and Minpi were out on a date while I had to go home because I had no one? I remember coming from work, with a rose given by my staff, dragging my feet and opening the gate to our house. I was greeted by Mama who said that she and Papa just came back from a dinner date. I felt utterly miserable because I had no one... then I saw our dog with another dog who was trying to court him at our backyard... I did not know whether I wanted to laugh or to cry...so I told Mama - "Look Mama, even Chapay has a date... while I have only myself..." I can't recall what Mama's reaction was that time but I felt how sad it is to be alone when you know how much love you have inside that you want to share with a special someone, only if there was one. That is probably the reason why I do not hear the melody in your voice when you laugh, you used to have a very infectious laugh. These days, you always look so tired... I miss the way your eyes light up when you smile. I miss listening to you sing early in the morning and before you go to sleep. You no longer find mirth when everything used to touch you silly.

Bunsoy, look back if you must and if only to find lessons you had to learn but look forward to the future with much optimism. Lift everything up to our Lord who understand the pain you have inside your heart, He will heal you as He has healed me; He will lead you as He has led me; and He will find that special someone who will not only love you but love that little Hope in your life as well. Have faith and rediscover happiness. 

Happy Happy Birthday! My wish for you is to find peace and be healed. 

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